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Our Value Proposition

Download the complete PDF to understand the unique value of thinQtank Learning for learners and employers.

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We truly believe in the unique value and quality in the classroom that thinQtank Learning offers. We know that once a student or employer experiences thinQtank Learning, that will fortify a true partnership that will last.

thinQtank Learning offers value with training never before seen in the industry. We believe that we provide the best technical training in the industry.

Please take a look at the video and browse our course listings. We look forward to seeing you in the classroom soon!

Lasting and Long-Term Relationships

Unlike many of our competitors, thinQtank® Learning is not interested in the short-term sale. We strive to understand mutual interests which ultimately results in mutual success. We share the responsibility and ownership of our students' expectations, goals and objectives. Our instructors and support staff genuinely care about the success of the students. We understand the value we bring to this partnership and our students quickly learn that value as well. This provides motivation and incentive for our students and their employers to maintain a long-term relationship with thinQtank® Learning.

Additionally, our team understands these relationships are dynamic in nature and the needs of the relationship change over time. thinQtank® Learning has earned a reputation as a useful and trusted source of mentoring and education. As such, a large part of our business comprises referrals and students who return for additional training.

Two Decades of Performance

thinQtank® Learning has provided training services for nearly twenty years. Throughout that time, we have maintained over a 97% success rate for students who participate in assessments and exams in the classroom. Unique collaboration between our instructors and staff ensures our courses and exams reflect rigorous preparation and work.

Hard work and a constant drive to improve our processes are the key factors for achieving a high success rate. Every quarter we track results and our staff performs an analysis and review of our performance to identify areas we can improve.

Investment Protection for Employers and Students

Any student who takes our courses can retake the same courses in part or in full, either in person or live online an unlimited number of times for up to 24 months after the initial course completion.

Often times in the initial participation of a course, students are focused (and stressed) about taking and passing the related certification exams. Because of that, we allow students to retake the course, often times without the added stress of passing exams. In some cases, students grasp most of the concepts but feel they need additional training on other topics or weak areas and those students choose to retake only that portion of the course.

The investment protection does not only extend to the student. It also extends to the employer. If an employer sponsors training for an employee and for any reason that employee leaves the company within six months of completion of the training course, thinQtank® Learning will provide the same course for another employee free of charge.

Assessments and Certifications in the Classroom

One of the key benefits of training with thinQtank® Learning is nearly all of our career certification training programs include the assessments and certification exams in the classroom. Employers and training investors want a tangible result from employee training. In addition, students want a milestone for career progression - industry recognized and respected certifications provides that.

While it is not a requirement, we greatly encourage students to set a goal not only of learning valuable skills but to leave the training experience certified. We have found that even with the best intentions, students who wait to take their exams after the completion of the course rarely do so. thinQtank® Learning is an authorized Pearson VUE mobile testing center.

Mentorship and Preparation before class

Our students receive all materials for the course at the time of registration regardless of how early they register. This includes electronic copies of the courseware, read ahead materials, preparation videos and our customized exam preparation aides.

In addition, our instructors and course coordinators reach out individually to each student to conduct initial assessments of the professional experience of the student and define the students' expectations, goals and objectives for the course. Our team then directs the student with recommendations; providing the support necessary for students to implement strategies for preparation to ensure the highest level of success.

Intense Custom Exam Preparation

Our training days consist of intensely focused lectures and hands-on lab exercises to instill practical application. We make it a point to not allocate valuable time during the training day reviewing exam questions and preparing specifically for the exam. Instead, each evening, students are assigned homework relevant to the day's lessons that directly prepare them for the exams.

The custom thinQtank® Learning authored homework materials are unique in the industry and directly correlate to what the students will experience during their assessments and exams. In addition, we incorporate the use of testing tools which provide realistic exam simulations with customizable exam taking modes, timed exam options, categorized exam topics and extensive question review options.

Practical Application and Hands-On Participation

The incorporation of hands-on experiences leads to higher levels of engagement and learning. We believe when students are able to physically manipulate subject matter through practical application, those concepts become more clear and concrete. This type of engagement is also visible and the instructor can observe the students' involvement and understanding of the material and concepts.

We also encourage students to work with partners, in teams or in small groups to promote collaboration and communication. Many times there is no better way to solidify a concept than to explain that concept to a team member. A practice that extends to the workplace as well. When applicable to the course, we strive to maintain a mix of 40% lecture and lessons to 60% hands-on practical application through demonstration exercises and hands-on exercises.

Multiple Participation Options

All of our instructor led courses are streamed live online. Students have the option of participating in the classroom or joining the lessons on-line with live streams to a multitude of platforms.

Tailored, One-Off and On-Site Course Offerings

Many times our clients will contact us requesting customized training when commercially available training courses do not fit their unique learning objectives. Undoubtedly, Southern Company experiences this need. In such an event, we will work with your staff to develop training curriculum and a competitive pricing model that meets those requirements.

Our instructional designers ensure organization-specific information is seamlessly incorporated into program content and custom course materials, workbooks, and special job aids. We also employ the most current e-Learning technologies to enhance and expand curriculum into virtual environments. Through consultation with Southern Company we help determine how best to implement a customized curriculum to align workforce capabilities and organizational performance expectations.

To customize the IT learning solution per your organizations specific needs, we begin our process by conducting a thorough needs assessment and gap analysis of your business or business function. Our experts then develop a curriculum and supporting content, including instructor and student manuals, classroom presentations, e-learning modules, assessment questions and/or job aids. Once developed, content is delivered through instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (v-ILT), e-learning, train-the-trainer, mentoring, on-the-job and executive overviews.