• Planning For The Cisco CCNP Enterprise Voyage

    On February 24, 2020, Cisco will release new certification exams. In the new program, CCNP Routing and Switching certification will be replaced by CCNP Enterprise certification. If you have started working toward the current CCNP Routing & Switching certification, keep going. In the new program, you’ll receive credit for work you’ve completed in the current … Continue reading “Planning For The Cisco CCNP Enterprise Voyage”

  • thinQtank Training and Certification Courses

    There’s quite a lot going on at thinQtank® Learning this year! Whether you’re pursuing additional professional training and certifications, or looking to renew your existing certifications, thinQtank has got you covered. Listed below are just a few courses we’re excited to be offering. If you don’t see the specific course or you’re looking for, you can view … Continue reading “thinQtank Training and Certification Courses”

  • The Time Is Now

    On February 24, 2020, Cisco will release new certification exams for CCNA and CCNP. New training will roll out over the next several months, but if you’ve been pursuing any Cisco certifications, the best time to enroll in any of our training and certification courses is NOW. It is critical to note that if you pass … Continue reading “The Time Is Now”

  • Prepare Yourself For The Cisco Certpocalypse

    The Cisco Certpocalypse will be arriving on February 24, 2020. This is the day that Cisco’s new certification structure will officially be in place. February 23, 2020 is the last day to take any of the current exams. The changes will expand well beyond the CCNA and are a total revamp of their entire certification … Continue reading “Prepare Yourself For The Cisco Certpocalypse”

  • Opportunity Knocks

    Sometimes during our career journey, we may feel “stuck” in a particular role or wonder why others seem to move forward at a faster clip while we remain in place. The truth is that opportunities don’t just fall into our laps, asking us simply to pick them up and run with them. Rather, the key … Continue reading “Opportunity Knocks”

  • Navigating The New Cisco CCNP Certification Path

    As you may have already heard, Cisco is making some major changes to their certification tracks, which was announced at Cisco Live on Monday June 10, 2019. If you’ve already started working toward any current CCNP certification, you’re still on track. You have until February 23, 2020 to complete your certification, and in the new program, you’ll receive … Continue reading “Navigating The New Cisco CCNP Certification Path”

  • Why Cisco Networks Continue To Dominate

    Cisco continues to dominate the industry as the premier enterprise networking vendor. And it’s no surprise: Since the 1980s, Cisco has been one of the biggest global networking companies, growing from a seller of switches and routers to a provider of complex telecommunications, cybersecurity, and networking solutions. Cisco continues to prove the value of their technology, … Continue reading “Why Cisco Networks Continue To Dominate”

  • Top Benefits of CCNA Certification

    Achieving a Cisco CCNA certification is an excellent way for you to make for a successful career in the networking field. Which is a great reason all by itself, but there are much more. We have put together several benefits of a Cisco CCNA certification, and the various reasons why you should acquire one. Certification is the … Continue reading “Top Benefits of CCNA Certification”

  • Cisco Certification Benefits for Networking Professionals

    Having a professional Cisco certification validates your ability to build a strong career around a network that uses Cisco products. The Cisco training we are specifically talking about here focuses on CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) that prepares IT professionals for networking positions. If you are a network engineer or an … Continue reading “Cisco Certification Benefits for Networking Professionals”

  • Top Security Certifications for 2019

    Modern organizations are facing more security threats than ever before. Data breaches and systematic hacks of company resources are becoming more frequent, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Generalized approaches to system security no longer provide sufficient protection against increasingly sophisticated threats, and qualified security professionals to combat these threats are … Continue reading “Top Security Certifications for 2019”