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thinQtank Initiative

A think tank is often defined as an organization that performs research, defines strategies and cultivates ideas. As the name of our organization implies, thinQtank Learning is an academic establishment dedicated to unprecedented understanding, planning, designing and support of information technology systems and architectures. Our teaching professionals and students work together in intensely focused and fun learning environments. The thinQtank boot camp style learning solutions provide an energetic, comprehensive and practical avenue to obtaining critical thinking skills in the planning, engineering, implementing and administering of elemental to intricate network systems and architectures.

thinQtank Learning offers all of the customary services that prospective clients and students expect to receive - comfortable, immersive training environments, the latest materials and teaching aids and in-class exam preparation and exam delivery. However, there are several clear and indispensable differentiators from what we do at thinQtank Learning in comparison to other commonplace online and instructor lead training companies.

First and foremost, we consider any client as our partner and based in that belief we strive to cultivate long-term relationships. A common axiom in life states that any relationship we form that abounds is a relationship in which we invest time and energy. Our clients are never a commodity. For this reason, thinQtank is dedicated to investing in valuable resources for our community free of charge. Resources that include unprecedented access to a network of dedicated professionals and engineers, mentoring and learning tools, a community of clients and students sharing experiences and ideas as well as enjoyable and exciting ways to learn.

thinQtank hews a reputation as one of the top learning resources available today. Our mentors and instructors all share common qualities while maintaining unique individuality and personality. Aside from being recognized as technical and practical experts in their respective industries, our instructors work very hard and always have fun. Simply stated, they enjoy what they do, and that becomes an important part of the atmosphere of the classroom. In any thinQtank Learning experience, hard work, passion and fun go together. We focus on learning for the sake of learning and we expect all of our students to succeed. This is accomplished while still maintaining some of the highest success rates in career certifications and examinations at ninety-eight percent.