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CWNP Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

Start Date - End Date May 09 - May 13, 2022

Address 467 Herndon Pkwy

City HerndonState VA

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Course Overview

thinQtank® Learning is offering a unique five-day training camp in which students can receive the highly sought after CWSP certification in one week. As with all of our Advanced Training Experiences - exams are delivered in the classroom.

The Wireless LAN Security course consists of hands on learning using the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment. This course addresses in detail the most up-to-date WLAN intrusion and DoS tools and techniques, functionality of the 802.11i amendment to the 802.11 standard, the inner-workings of each EAP type used with wireless LANs today, and every class and type of WLAN security solution available on the market, from wireless intrusion prevention systems to wireless network management systems.

Students who complete the course will acquire the necessary skills for implementing and managing wireless security in the enterprise by creating layer2 and layer3 hardware and software solutions with tools from the industry leading manufacturers.

This course is excellent preparation for the challenging CWSP Certification, and includes practice exams. It is also very hands-on intensive, roughly 50% hands-on, with lots of time to get your hands on real equipment to perform actual Site Survey work.

Exclusive Toolkit and Pen Test Lesson

■    Wi-Fi penetration testing kit
■    USB WLAN adaptor for packet sniffing and injection with a high-gain antenna
■    USB Spectrum Analyzer with fully licensed metageek software
■    Custom Linux build for WLAN penetration testing
■    Four hour WLAN security and penetration testing lesson

Our Learning Exclusive

In our classroom, students receive gigabytes of take-home CBT and lab material with over four-hundred labs to keep practicing and refining the skills learned in the classroom. Additionally, our students receive:

■    thinQtank® Learning Accelerated Custom Exam Materials for the CWSP exam
■    Custom and focused exam preparation software and materials
■    Exam delivery in classroom with 98% success
■    Course specific thinQtank® Learning publications to promote a fun and exciting learning
■    Membership to the thinQtank® Learning University Online
■    WE DO NOT "TEACH THE TEST" - Students will receive valuable hands on instruction
■    Receive all reading material and study guides when you register
■    All courses taught by CWNE expert instructors

Course Objectives

During this course, you will develop skills and knowledge on the following:

■    WLAN Discovery Techniques
■    Intrusion and Attack Techniques
■    802.11 Protocol Analysis
■    Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) Implementation
■    Layer 2 and 3 VPNs used over 802.11 networks
■    Enterprise/SMB/SOHO/Public-Network Security design models
■    Managed Endpoint Security Systems802.11 Authentication and Key Management Protocols
■    Enterprise/SMB/SOHO/Public Security Solution Implementation
■    Building Robust Security Networks from the ground up
■    Fast BSS Transition (aka. Fast/Secure Roaming) Techniques
■    Thorough coverage of all 802.1X/EAP types used in WLANs
■    Wireless LAN Management Systems (WNMS)
■    Authentication Infrastructure Design Models
■    Using Secure Applications
■    802.11 Design Architectures
■    Implementing a Thorough Wireless Security Policy

Course Duration

■    Five days of instructor-led training
■    50% Lecture and 50% Hands-On Labs


■    CWNA Certification or the equivalent in knowledge and experience.
■    Candidate must pass the CWNA certification exam (CWNA-106) as well as the CWSP certification exam (CWSP-205) to achieve certified status

Target Audience

■    Network and system administrators, consultants and engineers that need to support Wireless LAN deployments
■    Infrastructure security professionals

Exam Information

■    CWSP-205 - Certified Wireless Security Professional

Delivery Methods

■    Instructor-Led Training
■    Immersive Live-Online Training
■    On-Site and Custom Delivery

CWNP Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

Start Date - End Date  May 09 - May 13, 2022

Address  467 Herndon Pkwy

City  HerndonState  VA

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  • CWNP Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

    From May 09 to May 13, 2022 in 467 Herndon Pkwy, Herndon , VA

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