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Top Benefits of CCNA Certification

Achieving a Cisco CCNA certification is an excellent way for you to make for a successful career in the networking field. Which is a great reason all by itself, but there are much more. We have put together several benefits of a Cisco CCNA certification, and the various reasons why you should acquire one.

Certification is the base that networking careers are structured upon. Ever since the CCNA certification started, Cisco certifications have been desired by network engineers and companies across the globe. According to a recent study from IDC, Cisco expertise are among the most coveted skills in hiring specifications. They are added more commonly than 97 percent of all skills demanded. The requirement for a special perception of network infrastructure and protocols, and how they work together, has always been relevant. Now, that need is intensifying. A Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification equip you with the information and expertise to master in networking, even as technologies remain to advance. The certification qualifies you to monitor, install, and troubleshoot the network foundation products that are at the right heart of the Internet of Things.

Cisco established routing and switching technologies — and proceeds to lead the process, with the highest market share and substantial installed base across many enterprises. The stunning majority of today’s Internet traffic traverses over network paths created with Cisco infrastructure products. If you’re qualified to work on Cisco products, your skills will be more marketable, and more in need.

Certification prepares you for network progress in the digital age. As business becomes more reformed by digitization, the network foundation is undergoing a drastic transformation. Much of the standard process of operating conventional networks have opened a way to a software-driven network architecture that relies on automation, virtualization, analytics, cloud service management, and the understanding of the architecture to be open and flexible. Recent IDC research unveils that network engineers and architects are some of the most significant future IT positions to help promote these transformations. Professionals seeing to advance in IT networking today require to cover the shift. Cisco has introduced its Digital Network Architecture (DNA) to utilize the power of today’s network and is employed to helping you adjust to it starting with CCNA.

Certification presents you with more career opportunities. With a Cisco CCNA certification, your IT career track will have infinite possibilities. IDC has observed that seven out of 10 companies expect certifications when they’re hiring or promoting. With Cisco, you can proceed upward along the Routing and Switching track, advancing through the Professional and Expert levels. Or you can practice your kernel skill to technologies such as Cloud, Wireless, Data Center, Collaboration, Network Programmability, or Security. These developing practices are moving IT forward. With Cisco certification by your side, you’ll be uniquely prepared to take your career in whatever direction you want to go.

Certification helps you stay current on all of the advanced technology transformation. In addition to comprising major network architecture changes such as with Cisco DNA, Cisco continuously examines the developing IT landscape for multiple technological developments that have an impact on our certifications and your job profile as a networking professional. The Cisco CCNA certification is no anomaly. Cisco’s advanced revision to the curriculum combines a perception of quality of service (QoS) elements and their applicability, the synergies and network functions of firewalls, and wireless controllers and access points, along with a new focus on IPv6 and basic network security.

Certification helps you stand out with current and future employers. By achieving your Cisco CCNA certification, you’re showing your employer that you want to shine in your career. Managers remark that kind of ambition. IDC has found that 82 percent of digital transformation managers understand that people with certifications help stimulate innovation. And there’s distinct credibility associated with Cisco certifications. Proposed employers routinely utilize a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification as a search engine term, or as a standard for classifying job applicants.

Certification gives you a diverse range of training options. There’s more than one approach to learn. And, through Cisco Authorized Learning Partners, it offers a comprehensive suite of flexible training opportunities to make it simpler for you to earn your CCNA Routing and Switching certification. You can register in instructor-led training, a virtual classroom experience, or practical labs for the ICND1 and ICND2 elements of a CCNA Routing and Switching certification. The Cisco Learning Network Store offers self-paced learning labs, e-learning, and practice tests all equipped to prepare you for your certification test day. Also, authorized publisher Cisco Press gives a wealth of resources.

Certification helps you study with and learn from other colleagues in the industry. As more professionals are getting Cisco certifications, active learning and career growth community called the Cisco Learning Network has developed. This community is made up of approximately a million professionals, and presents important support, as members help one another study, learn, and achieve IT goals. When you become a member of the Cisco Learning Network, you obtain immediate introduction to study groups, training videos, peer-to-peer advice, and an effective wealth of exam information.

Certification benefits increase your overall compensation.  Salaries for IT networking jobs remain to the deluge, often serviced by a worldwide expertise shortage. And your Cisco certification boosts your earning prospective. CCNA Routing and Switching certification as one of the most popular certifications, and sums that companies may raise salaries 5 to 10 percent for proof of such in-demand abilities. Also, many organizations frequently offer lucrative rewards and recognition for employees who earn the Cisco certifications.

When it comes time to renew your certifications as an IT professional, you can be positive that the effort will prevail a powerful, industry-recognized way to prove your expertise. That’s because Cisco regularly controls its certifications to assure that they are managing speed with IT requirements. When you adopt the perspective of a lifelong learner and re-certify, you make certain you are up to date in the learning that you have worked hard for.

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