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Security+ Exam Preparation Package

A great certification to demonstrate basic security knowledge is the CompTIA Security+ certification. Unlike other certifications, such as the CISSP or the CISM, the Security+ doesn’t have any mandatory experience or prerequisites. CompTIA also suggests that Security+ candidates obtain the CompTIA Network+ certification, but they don’t require it.

The Security+ is a mandated certification for the US Department of Defense and is accredited by both the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Another benefit of the Security+ is that it’s vendor-neutral, instead choosing to focus on security topics and technologies in general, without limiting its focus to any one vendor and their approach.

There is only one exam required to earn the Security+ certification. That exam (exam SY0-301) is comprised of 100 questions and is provided over a 90-minute period. The grading scale is from 100 to 900, with a passing score of 750, or roughly 83% (although that’s just an estimate because the scale changes somewhat over time).

thinQtank® Learning is offering an exclusive CompTIA Security+ Exam Preparation Package that includes the following:

1. Custom Exam Preparation Study Guide and Interactive Testing Engine including simulations and questions very conducive to what you would experience in the exam

2. Exclusive Video series including 36 comprehensive videos covering all Security+ exam topics

3. Study checklists coveting 11 major exam related categories

4. Custom Security+ lab files including VMWare Workstation and a Security+ VM pre-configured with exercises that map directly to the Student Learning Guide

Security+ Video Series
• Network Security Devices
• Security Administrator Principles
• Network Design Security
• Protocols and Ports
• Wireless Security
• Control Types
• Risk Calculations
• 3rd Party Integration Risk
• Strategies to Reduce Risk
• Forensics
• Incident Response
• Security Awareness
• Physical and Environmental Security
• Risk Management
• The Correct Controls for CIA
• Malware and Attack Types
• Social Engineering
• Wireless and Application Attacks
• Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques
• Discovery Tools
• Penetration Testing
• Application Security Controls and Techniques
• Security for Mobile
• Host and Data Security
• Static Environment Security
• Authentication Services, Protocols and Methods
• Authorization Models
• Account Management
• Crypto Concepts and Protocols

Security+ Student Guide
• Identifying Security Fundamentals
• Analyzing Risk
• Identifying Security Threats
• Conducting Security Assessments
• Implementing Host and Security Software
• Implementing Network Security
• Implementing Cryptography
• Implementing Operational Security
• Addressing Security Incidents
• Ensuring Business Continuity

Security+ Exam Prep Study Guide
• Virtual Certification Exam Software
• 400+ Exam Practice Questions

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