• The Value of CISSP in Cybersecurity Leadership

    CISSP Certification is considered the gold standard for cyber security experts internationally. Despite thousands of jobs for CISSP certified individuals, there are only a few people who have this qualification. The biggest challenge that government and business organizations face today on the technology front is inadequate cyber security leadership. Notwithstanding the obsolete programs, limited funds … Continue reading “The Value of CISSP in Cybersecurity Leadership”

  • Top Cisco IT Certifications for 2018

    There are several reasons why Cisco certifications are highly relevant to IT qualifications in 2018 and beyond. First of all, employers all over the world already rely on the knowledge and skills that result from these training and certification programs, and that’s not going to stop overnight or anytime soon. Cisco certifications prove that you … Continue reading “Top Cisco IT Certifications for 2018”

  • Best Wireless Networking Certifications

    Though networking of all kinds remains a white-hot IT concern and technology area, nothing could be hotter than wireless technologies for everything from local area networking with 802.11ad, to the widespread proliferation and adoption of fourth-generation (4G) wireless wide area networking technologies, such as LTE. The five certifications that we cite in this article represent … Continue reading “Best Wireless Networking Certifications”

  • The Real Value of Professional Certifications

    The working environment of the 21st century has become challenging, and the value of qualification, certifications, and experience is increasing more than it used to be before. These days, the technology is dominating every area of professional world and candidates who want to thrive in their career no longer require an associate degree without any … Continue reading “The Real Value of Professional Certifications”

  • Technology Driven Collaboration

    For many companies today, improving business performance by increasing collaboration between employees, customers, and suppliers is the ultimate goal. Implementing and maintaining a technology solution around this goal can be daunting. Companies that do successfully implement a solution, however, not only increase collaboration between these groups but can also decrease costs. Cisco is in a … Continue reading “Technology Driven Collaboration”

  • Top 10 Certifications for Network Engineers in 2018

    Original post by Katrina Gonzales Exactly two years ago today, I became a Network Engineer. I didn’t have any certification on my belt at the time but I was able to fully explain and provide a detailed answer to every question they had for me and that was enough to land me the job. Three weeks … Continue reading “Top 10 Certifications for Network Engineers in 2018”

  • Tips for Getting Training Approved

    Have you ever wondered why some people get to go to training and others don’t? Even in the most learning-friendly environments, chances are you’ll still have to make a logical and compelling justification for investing time and money in training. So how does one get training requests approved? Here are some ideas that you can … Continue reading “Tips for Getting Training Approved”

  • The Best Computer Networking Certifications for 2018

    IT pros skilled in the many areas of networking are always in high demand in today’s job market. Those who are serious about their careers should consider one or more of these best-of-breed networking certifications to set themselves apart from the competition. When it comes to the care and feeding of modern networks, there’s quite … Continue reading “The Best Computer Networking Certifications for 2018”

  • Demand for Wireless Network Professionals

    Wireless technology is evolving at a rapid pace, with the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobile workforce, and increased Wi-Fi coverage; enterprises are realizing productivity and cost gains from using this critical access technology.* This evolution and growth places increased demands on networks and the professionals that support them. Ensuring this technology is … Continue reading “Demand for Wireless Network Professionals”

  • The Value of Cisco Certifications

    In 2013, Cisco completed a study targeted at understanding the value of Cisco certification for employers of Cisco certified professionals. Designed to measure employer perceptions about employees with Cisco certifications, the study specifically focused on how employers measure the value of Cisco certified individuals in their business. Three-quarters of 200 network managers surveyed concurred that … Continue reading “The Value of Cisco Certifications”