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Opportunity Knocks

Sometimes during our career journey, we may feel “stuck” in a particular role or wonder why others seem to move forward at a faster clip while we remain in place. The truth is that opportunities don’t just fall into our laps, asking us simply to pick them up and run with them. Rather, the key lies in our ability to capitalize on opportunities whenever, wherever and however they arise.

One of our many great clients, AUSGAR Technologies, is looking for qualified Network Engineers to meet current Network Engineering requirements for NIWC PAC, and they have four open positions in Point Loma, California:

Network Engineer III – ADNS – 19-009 – San Diego, CA

Network Engineer III – UCA – ANTS – 19-012 – San Diego, CA

Network Engineer IV – UCA – ANTS – 19-029 – San Diego, CA

Network Engineer III – ADNS – 19-055 – San Diego, CA

If any of these opportunities peak your interest, please contact their technical recruiter, David Olthoff at:

When you’re presented with a great opportunity, you have to be ready to tackle it head on. That requires confidence. You’ll be much more confident if you’ve been investing in yourself, learning and building your skill set all along.

With a growth mindset, keeping your tech skills current becomes your default approach to work. You will then be well-positioned to respond to opportunities that involve newer technologies, whether the knock comes next month or next year.

thinQtank® Learning offers training and  certification courses in many areas of expertise. If you have any questions about our Training and Certification Programs, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 855-TO-THINQ (855-868-4467) or email

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